Legal Ambitions Summer School

The Law Society of Ireland will offer a free, online summer school to senior cycle students in 2020.

Law Society Summer School

Latest Important Information

If you have already submitted an application to the Summer School, your log in details and important information on accessing the Summer School, have been emailed to you today, Friday 03 July.

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We have received is a small number of applications containing incorrect email addresses. We have not been able to contact these applicants. If you are one of these applicants, please email

Please check your spam folder for our email before contacting us on the above. We are working hard to ensure everyone is set up for Tuesday.

About the Summer School

Legal Ambitions Summer School is an innovative outreach programme offered by the Law Society of Ireland. It provides students with an insight into how the law can be relevant to their daily lives and promotes awareness of constitutional principles, and values which underpin the rule of law in Ireland.

The 2020 Programme

Applications for the 2020 Legal Ambitions Summer School have now closed. Thank you for your interest. We have been overwhelmed by the huge demand for this programme and plan to offer the Summer School again in July 2021.

Next steps for participants

If you have already submitted an application to the Summer School, your login details will be emailed to you this week. We have over 1,500 applications to process and will be working to email everyone by Friday. Please remember to check your spam folders. We look forward to welcoming you on 7 July 2020.

About the programme

Open to Transition Year and Fifth Year students from schools around the country, the Legal Ambitions Summer School, through increasing awareness of the law and society, encourages students to explore their rights and social justice issues.

Programme structure

  • Free programme
  • Delivered online
  • Open to Transition Year and Fifth Year students nationwide
  • Four weeks duration, with a new module released each Tuesday
  • Presentations from Law Society staff, leading lawyers and industry experts
  • Short, easy-to-consume video interviews and presentations
  • Quizzes and online resources
  • Dynamic themes such as social justice, human rights and climate change. 

Legal Ambitions Summer School 2020 Application Form

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