Several laws oblige employees to protect employees from bullying in the workplace. These include:

Preventing and addressing workplace bullying

Employers are expected to have an anti-bullying policy and established procedures for dealing with complaints of bullying. If an employee complains of bullying, employers are also expected to deal with those complaints promptly.

The Workplace Relations Commission has produced a Code of Practice on Addressing Bullying in the Workplace.

If you are considering a complaint about workplace bullying, or if you are an employer dealing with a complaint about workplace bullying, we recommend that you talk to your solicitor.

Complaining outside the workplace

Employees who feel that their employer has not dealt with their complaint about bullying properly can complain to the Workplace Relations Commission.

You can find out more about the procedure for making a complaint on the Workplace Relations Commission website.

Constructive dismissal and personal injuries

An employee who leaves his or her job because of unbearable bullying can bring a claim of constructive dismissal to the Workplace Relations Commission under unfair dismissals legislation. You can find out more about this under unfair dismissal claims in ending an employment.

If an employee suffers physical or psychological harm from workplace bullying, he or she can bring a claim seeking compensation for personal injuries.