Video link professional visits


The Irish Prison Service (IPS) has published information for practitioners who wish to conduct professional visits by video link.

video conference


The IPS adopted a system that allows practitioners to use their own computers to connect with the existing Video Link equipment in the prisons for professional consultations with their clients who are in custody, free of charge.

As the calls take place over IP (Internet Protocol) there are no additional charges beyond your existing broadband subscription costs. Practitioners will now be able to consult by prior appointment with their clients in any prison throughout the country.

Organising a call

To organise a call, contact the appropriate email address or contact number of the prison concerned to request a video link consultation stating the date, time, duration and the client’s name and state that you want the visit via video link.

You will then receive an email confirming the video link consultation. Within that email will be a link. You must click on that link at the appropriate time for the video link consultation will begin.

The system also allows for multiple parties to join the video link call, such as other solicitors or barristers, or interpreters/translators as required regardless of their location.

If you have any questions, please contact the Video Link Coordination office on 01 6304805.

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