Speed up your Property Sale

01/07/2024 07:34:05

A new guide can help consumers to avoid delays when selling a property in Ireland.

Speed-Up-Your-Property-Sale-cover.jpgThe guide has been published by the Society of Chartered Surveyors Ireland and the Law Society of Ireland with the aim of speeding up property sales.

It sets out in detail the steps anyone selling a property needs to take, the questions they need to ask, who they need to contact as well as how long it usually takes and costs.

Calls for reform

Launching the guide, Law Society Director General Mark Garrett noted that the Law Society has long called for systemic reform of the conveyancing system. “For most people buying or selling a house is the biggest transaction they will be involved in. However, the process they have to deal with is antiquated, overly complex and can involve up to 15 interdependent parties as well as dozens of documents. A delay at any point can have a knock-on effect on the process and lead to significant delays, which can in turn negatively impact the Irish housing market.”