Revised Covid-19 measures in courts


The Courts Service has revised the Covid 19 Safety Management Programme outlining public measures for court rooms, court houses and buildings.  

courtroom covid-19 measures

The revised Courts Service Covid-19 Safety Management Programme follows the Government’s new Transitional Protocol for workplace, focusing on the following points:  

  • Two metres physical distancing has been removed but continued physical distancing is recommended.
  • Measures and information to support mask wearing, good hand and respiratory hygiene and ventilation should remain in place. 
  • Stay at home, isolate and test if symptomatic. 


The agreed revisions to the updated Covid-19 Safety Management Programme and the specific recommendations for court and court office users include: 

  • Physical distancing will continue to be encouraged with a guidance distance of approximately one metre, to reflect the Government’s Transitional protocol. Courtroom capacity numbers will be revised to reflect this guidance in the coming week. 
  • One metre distancing is also recommended as best practice in the following areas: offices, public areas, canteens, meeting rooms, public counters, and consultation rooms. 
  • Consultation rooms will be available for use only where ventilation is adequate as per the safety advice.
  • Mask wearing will continue in all court houses and Courts Service buildings. 
  • Screening will be retained.
  • Sanitiser points and hand/ respiratory hygiene signage will be in place to support public health advice. 
  • People Traffic Flow Managers will be retained. 
  • Staggering of lists will continue.
  • Existing procedures for management of Covid 19 cases will change subject to HSE advice. Isolation rooms will stay in place as per the Government’s Transition Protocol.
  • All ventilation practices remain for the foreseeable future.
  • Emergency evacuation drills can recommence.

For further information, see notices and guidance on the Courts Service website.