Certificate in Pensions Law & Applied Trusteeship

15/09/2023 10:56:00

The Certificate in Pensions Law and Applied Trusteeship, approved by The Pensions Authority, will provide participants with an excellent understanding of the key legal issues pertaining to pensions law and practice and trusteeship in Ireland.

Starting on 25 October, the course begins with an examination of the legislative and regulatory framework applicable to pensions in Ireland. The functions and powers of the Pensions Authority, the Revenue Commissioners, and the Pensions Ombudsman are reviewed. The onerous duties and obligations of the trustees of pension schemes are examined in detail under trust law and equitable principles, the Pensions Act 1990 as amended and regulations.

The certificate will also analyse the main pension scheme structures, such as defined contribution, defined benefit, personal pension plans and recent developments in the area including implementation of IORPs ll, Master Trusts and auto enrolment.

What our past students say

As a junior pensions lawyer, the course appealed to me as it offered a refresh of first principles and an overview of all aspects of pensions law. Most importantly, it offered me an opportunity to be tutored by some of the leading pensions lawyers in Ireland and ask questions about current issues in practice.
Jane Barrett, Associate Solicitor, William Fry LLP

Course modules

  • Module 1: Legislation and Regulatory Framework

  • Module 2: The Future of Pensions in Ireland

  • Module 3: Pension Scheme Structures; Pension Adjustment Orders; Pensions in Commercial Transactions

  • Module 4: The Role of Trustees; Employer Obligations

  • Module 5: Taxation Issues ; Winding Up & Restructuring of Schemes; Post-Retirement Issues; Scheme Governance

This certificate has been approved by The Pensions Authority  as a course that meets the Authority's requirement in relation to trustee qualifications under paragraph 107 of the Code of Practice for trustees of occupational pension schemes and trust RACs.

Note: It is possible to complete this certificate course entirely online.

Contact us 

For further information visit: www.lawsociety.ie/diplomacentre or contact the course leader, Geraldine Rafferty, by emailing g.rafferty@lawsociety.ie.