Diploma in Healthcare Law and Certificate in Data Protection begin in February


Gain expertise in two highly relevant areas by joining the Diploma in Healthcare Law or Certificate in Data Protection Practice.

Green Hall Diploma Centre

Both of these in-depth and practical courses commence in February. These popular programmes will be delivered both onsite and online with lectures and workshops also available to view on playback - the perfect format for solicitors wishing take on a challenge this spring. Limited places remain so if you are interested in further details please get in touch with the Diploma team at diplomateam@lawsociety.ie or apply via the links below.

Diploma in Healthcare Law

Healthcare law has remained a key area of importance in recent years, particularly following the emergence of Covid-19. As well as exploring the leading issues relevant to solicitors in relation to the pandemic, this practical diploma, starting on 17 February, will examine mental health law, birth issues, end of life issues, the State Claims Agency, professional regulation case studies, and much more. 

Participants will learn through interactive lectures and workshops, as well as a moot court exercise, where students will have a unique opportunity to run contested applications before a court chaired by a practising High Court judge. Another notable feature is a healthcare regulation workshop facilitated by representatives from all the major healthcare regulatory bodies.

Certificate in Data Protection Practice

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation 2016/679) came into force in May 2018 and, as a result, the data protection landscape has changed significantly. As well as preparing solicitors to deal with the major compliance issues presented by the GDPR, this certificate will cover a range of highly relevant topics,  including data retention and breaches, ethics in data protection, effect of Brexit on data transfers, biometrics, wearable technology and more.

Delivered by expert lawyers and data protection practitioners, all lectures aim to be highly practical with a strong focus on how to apply the relevant regulations in practice, with workshops and interactive sessions focusing on group problem-solving. The certificate starts on 16 February.

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