Law Society welcomes appointment of two solicitors to High Court

The Law Society has welcomed the news that two members of the solicitors’ profession, former President of the Law Society (2011/2012), Donald Binchy, and former member of the Law Society Criminal Law Committee, Robert Eagar, have been nominated today by the Government as Judges of the High Court.

Ken Murphy, Director General of the Law Society, said, “This is superb news and my colleagues and I would like to wish Donald Binchy and Robert Eager every happiness and success in their new roles.”

“This appointment goes some way to begin to correct the imbalance of judicial appointments in the past. Solicitors make up more than 80% of the legal profession but, prior to this announcement, produced less than 8 per cent of the senior judicial appointments in the last 12 years. Solicitors offer a more diverse set of relevant legal skills, together with wider experience of law and of life. This is welcome news that is clearly in the public interest.”