Fees & Funding

Information on PPC course fees and funding options are outlined in this section.

Law School Fees

Details of fees for preliminary and FE-1 exams, PPC courses, as well as a range of other related fees are available in this full schedule of fees.

Tax Relief

 The fees for the Professional Practice Courses I & II are eligible for tax relief. Further details and application forms for tax relief on tuition fees (IT 31 Form) may be obtained from the Revenue Commissioners. Trainees may obtain information from their local Tax Office or alternatively from the Revenue website.

Law Society Access Programme

The Law Society Access Scholarship Programme aims to assist students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to professional legal education. Depending on applicants' individual circumstances, the Scholarship can assist with: 

  • Reduced/waived FE-1 exam fees - up to a maximum of four full sittings
  • Access to core texts related to FE-1 exams, through the Law Society of Ireland's library
  • Reduced/waived Professional Practice Course fees
  • Maintenance funding

Application forms are accepted throughout the year. Follow-up interviews are held twice a year. The next deadline for applications is Friday, 1 December 2023.

Grant Scheme - PPC I & PPC II fees

The Professional Practice Course I (PPC I) is an approved course for grant purposes. Students wishing to attend the PPC I which commences each year in September should apply online to the Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI). SUSI is the new single awarding authority for all new grant applications.

You do not have to wait for confirmation of your place on the PPC I before applying for a grant. This is a new initiative on the part of the Department of Education and it will hopefully result in a greater number of grant applications being processed before the start of the PPC I. Potential candidates for the PPC I who wish to receive grant support are strongly advised to submit an application without delay. Please check the SUSI website for application details including closing date.

PPC I applicants will not be entitled to any maintenance payment under the Student Grant Scheme. However PPC I applicants who meet the qualifying conditions for the special rate of grant will be eligible to have their post-graduate tuition fees paid up to the maximum fee limit (€6,270).

A further limited number of students who would previously have qualified under the standard grant thresholds will qualify to have a €2,000 contribution made towards the costs of their fees. The new income threshold for this payment and further information about the new grant scheme is also available at the SUSI website.

A student who already holds a masters degree at level 9 is ineligible is ineligible for funding for the Professional Practice Course unless that masters degree is in law. For more information on requirements, visit the SUSI website.

Grant Scheme Update 

Law Society Bursary Scheme

The Law Society operates a limited bursary scheme for both the PPC I and PPC II courses. Application forms will be available on the registration day for each course. Any student who considers that his or her own resources or available family resources are inadequate to fund their study may apply for a bursary.


Small Practice Traineeship Grant

A scheme has been introduced in 2020 to enable smaller firms to hire trainee solicitors. See grant application details.

Dublin Solicitors Bar Association (DSBA) Bursary

The DSBA operates a means-assessed bursary available to those who wish to qualify and practise as solicitors in the Dublin area. The bursary aims to assist with the fees and living expenses involved in completing the Final Examination - First Part (FE1) and the traineeship. The size of the award may vary depending on individual circumstances. For full details and an application form, visit the DSBA website.

For further details, you can also contact Maura Smith.

Contact the Law School

If you have a general query for the Law School, please see contact details below.

Phone: 01 672 4802
Fax: 01 672 4992


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