IT Services

In this section you will find information on PPC email, Printing and Moodle as well as handy social media links.

IT Services Law School 

See handy guides for everyday IT functions using the links below.

  1. Login and resetting your password
  2. Connecting remotely to Citrix
  3. Adding print credit remotely to your student card
  4. Printing

Login and resetting your password

Login to Law Society website

The Trainees area of the Law Society website is only for current PPCI and PPC II students attending the Law School. Log in using your Law School email address ( and your Law School password to access News, Secondment CV Register, Precedents and other resources.

Moodle Login

  1. To access Moodle go to
  2. Log in using your Law School email address ( and your Law School password  
  3. If accessing Moodle for a Diploma course, see login details for the Diploma Hub.

Reset Law School password

Trainees can reset their account passwords online.

. A temporary password will be sent to this address within 5 minutes.

Your Law School login details are used to access all services such as the terminals in the college, external access to your email account, the Law Society website and Moodle.

Access PPC Email

  1. Go to
  2. Login with your Law School login details.

If you have any email access queries, contact

Login after qualification

Please note that your login account will be disabled as soon as you finish your traineeship. Your login details will be updated when you qualify and are added to the Solicitors' roll. For login queries, contact

Connecting remotely to Citrix

Follow this handy user guide to connect to Citrix from any location.

Adding print credit remotely to your student card

Printing Credit is added by logging into Citrix using the guide above. Once connected, go to the desktop, where you will find a shortcut for ‘Printing Credit’.

You will be asked to log into Papercut, which you can do using your “” email address and password.

On the left you will find the option to ‘add credit’. On this screen you will choose how much credit to add and pay by entering your credit / debit card details.

Printing is 5c per A4: one page, front and back, would cost 10c.



There are three printers on campus for student use in the following locations:

  • IT Room ( 1st floor of the Education Centre),
  • Library
  • Student Study space ( Upstairs in Vanilla Café).

Sending jobs

There are two ways to send jobs to the printer:

  1. The first is to send them from the Citrix terminal - for example, opening a document in Microsoft Word (or any other program), and selecting file > print as normal.
  2. The second is by attaching your document to an email sent from your email account ( as either PDF or Word doc) to the address You will receive a reply email, indicating that your job has been processed and is ready to print.

Printing your documents

There is a small black and red card reader on each printer. Swipe your student card here to access your print jobs ( it will beep). Select which jobs you want to print, or simply hit ‘release all’ to print all jobs waiting.

Swipe your card again to log out of the system.

The first time you attempt to access this, you’ll be asked to associate your card with the account. You do this by tapping ‘associate’ and then entering your email address and password in the spaces provided.

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