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Law Society Skillnet is a business support network promoted by the Law Society of Ireland.

Law Society Finuas Skillnet

About us

Law Society Skillnet is a business support network for firms and practices of all sizes within the legal sector and professional advisors within Ireland’s international financial services (IFS) sector. We work in partnership with Skillnet Ireland, the Government’s Workforce Development agency, who provide funding and support. Our programmes are designed and delivered by solicitors for solicitors.
In response to Covid-19, we moved our courses online to ensure the safety of solicitors both participating and teaching on our programmes.

Our programmes include:

  • CPD Clusters delivered in collaboration with the Bar Associations throughout Ireland
  • LegalED Talks a suite of free online courses covering -
    • Covid-19 Legal Practice Updates 
    • A Know-How Series on IT
    • Regulatory Matters and Professional Management & Development Skills 
    • Unlocking Wellbeing Together 
    • Legal Lives Series - interesting insights and perspectives from commentators and well-known individuals within the legal profession
  • ReBound – a Skillnet Ireland Initiative to help law firms get back on track post Covid-19. This masterclass on Safety, Health and Welfare at Work is designed for solicitors who advise SMEs, business owners and managers across all industry sectors in Ireland.
  • Professional Development Skills Training Programmes

  • Managers Skills Training Programmes

Contact us

Law Society Skillnet team

We will keep this information updated in the coming weeks. Further information is also available on the Skillnet Ireland website.

Network Overview

Law Society Skillnet is a solicitor training network for companies of all sizes within the legal sector and professional advisors within Ireland’s international financial services (IFS) sector.Member companies work collaboratively to share best practice and to respond effectively to their business and skills needs. The network addresses both technical and non-technical skills needs of their members.
The objective of this national network is to support the growth, competitiveness and sustainability of Ireland’s legal and international financial services sectors. The network provides strategic responses to emerging national and international trade, regulatory and competitive challenges facing legal and IFS professionals, through the delivery of highly specialised education and training. Law Society Finuas Skillnet is promoted by the Law Society of Ireland. Membership of the network is open to all private sector enterprises within the legal sector and international financial services sector based in the Republic of Ireland.

Supports to Network Member Companies

  • Assist businesses to identify and address current and future skills needs
  • Information regarding successful approaches to learning and talent development
  • Guidance on achieving value for money when investing in learning and development
  • Strategic programmes that enhance business innovation and sectoral competitiveness
  • Flexible training and education programmes customised to the needs of the sector
  • Innovative new programme design and development
  • Leadership programmes for business owners and executives.
  • Training relating to communication, problem-solving and other core skills
  • Advice on gauging the effectiveness of training
  • Access to a network of businesses within the sector
  • Conferences, seminars, master class programmes, certificate, diploma and LLM courses, interactive eLearning courses, regional cluster training programmes and other informal learning and networking events.

Get in Touch with the Law Society Skillnet team 

Phone: 01 8815727
Fax: 01 6724890

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