Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The Law Society of Ireland’s commitment to respecting gender equality, diversity and inclusion is outlined here.

The Law Society of Ireland is committed to respecting gender equality, diversity and inclusion for the benefit of its employees, its members, solicitors, trainee solicitors and the public.

We recognise and value difference in those we educate, represent, regulate, employ and engage. We strive to create a culture of inclusion, mutual respect and equal opportunities.

We welcome and promote diversity within the legal profession, and we encourage our members to embrace the values of diversity, inclusion and equality. We work to drive awareness of the importance and benefits of promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion within the profession and society.

We actively support gender equality and are proud that the solicitors’ profession in Ireland was the first in the world to achieve female majority. Likewise, we support equal rights regardless of sexual orientation and supported the passing of the Marriage Equality Referendum.

Social diversity within the solicitors’ profession is supported through the Law Society’s Access Programme and our participation in Street Law.

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Firms, in-house and public sector legal teams are invited to join the Society's Law Society Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Charter:

Our commitment

The Law Society will treat all individuals and groups of individuals fairly and equally and no less favourably, specific to their needs, in areas of race, class, gender, disability, religion or belief, marital status, family status, sexual orientation and age.

We promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion by:

  • Treating people fairly.
  • Respecting and recognising people as individuals.
  • Participating fully in public life so that issues of fairness and justice are to the fore in public discourse.
  • Ensuring equal access to opportunities for staff, members, trainee solicitors and all those who use our services.
  • Recognising the individual needs of those we employ, represent and educate and supporting them to develop to their full potential.
  • Carrying out our representative, educational and regulatory functions without bias, in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner.
  • Making reasonable adjustments to ensure that our procedures do not put any person at a disadvantage.
  • Ensuring our policies, procedures and processes promote equality, inclusion and diversity.

The Law Society’s policies on gender equality, diversity and inclusion are compliant with the law in Ireland.

Our values

Our commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion is reflected in our core values. Our values are:

  • Service
  • Respect
  • Ownership
  • Integrity
  • Independence

The Law School: adapted exam and study arrangements

The Law School is committed to providing an equal opportunities learning environment, which meets the specific and diverse needs of all of our trainees. We will make certain that learning materials do not discriminate against any individuals or groups in a manner that would contravene the Equal Status Act.

Students with a disability are encouraged to register with the Law School Student Development Service to seek supports where a disability could affect a student’s ability to participate fully in all aspects of the Professional Practice Courses (PPC).

Law Society of Ireland’s policy and procedures on alternative exam and study arrangements for students with a disability and/or those requiring temporary adapted exam arrangements can be accessed by contacting the Law School.

Law Society employees

For further information on the Law Society’s policy on equal opportunities for employees and other related issues, please contact us