Strategic objectives 2019-23

The Law Society of Ireland’s Strategy Statement 2019-2023 sets out the strategic objectives that the Law Society will follow:

Strategic objectives 2019-23 banner.png

  1. We will use our voice, our experience and our relationships to represent the solicitors’ profession and to champion its contribution to the Irish economy, the vindication of citizens’ rights and the rule of law.
  2. We will provide a strong voice in policy debate in order to inform decision-making on matters pertaining to the justice system and law reform.
  3. We will enable our members to achieve their potential as respected and trusted advisors and successful businesses.
  4. We will fulfil our statutory regulation functions to ensure fair and effective regulation of solicitors in the interests of the profession and the public.
  5. We will fulfil our statutory education functions in delivering a premier qualification and high-quality ongoing education and training.
  6. We will be a valued resource for our members as a high performance professional body.
  7. We will continue our tradition of engaged citizenship and civic responsibility by promoting legal awareness, encouraging social diversity within the profession, supporting local community initiatives, and providing accessibility to our resources at Blackhall Place, in line with our Corporate Social Responsibility Statement.