PPC Hybrid

The Law Society is now offering a Professional Practice Course Hybrid (PPC Hybrid) which combines online lectures with face-to-face tuition.


Commencing 18 December 2019

The PPC Hybrid is a more flexible route into practice that does not include the requirement to be on-site in the Law School for a substantial continuous period.

The course is also structured so that trainees will potentially be able to continue working during the PPC Hybrid.

Download the PPC Hybrid Brochure

Course delivery

This PPC Hybrid delivers an optimised blended learning experience through:

  • Incremental release of lectures in play on demand mode.
  • On-site face-to-face tuition through weekend sessions (10 monthly weekend sessions for PPC I).
  • On-site educationally immersive week-long sessions (two week-long sessions for PPC I).

In-office training

The same two-year in-office training requirement will apply, but the trainee solicitor may also be in a position to accrue credit of up to five months for in-office training occurring during PPC I. (PPC II for the 2020 PPC Hybrid will commence in August 2021).

How to sign up?

In order to protect the student experience, numbers for the first offering will be capped. For an application form, please contact the Society's Traineeship section.

Applications close on Friday 20 September 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Course Manager Rory O’Boyle.