PPC Hybrid

The Law Society is now offering a Professional Practice Course Hybrid (PPC Hybrid) which combines online lectures with face-to-face tuition.


About the course

The PPC Hybrid is a more flexible route into practice that does not include the requirement to be on-site in the Law School for a substantially continuous period.

The course is also structured so that trainees will potentially be able to continue working during the PPC Hybrid.

Download the PPC Hybrid Brochure

Course delivery

This PPC Hybrid delivers an optimised blended learning experience through:

  • Incremental release of lectures in play on demand mode.
  • On-site face-to-face tuition through weekend sessions (10 monthly weekend sessions for PPC I).
  • On-site educationally immersive week-long sessions (two week-long sessions for PPC I).

In-office training

The same two-year in-office training requirement will apply, but the trainee solicitor may also be in a position to accrue credit of up to five months for in-office training occurring during PPC I. (PPC II for the 2020 PPC Hybrid will commence in August 2021).

How to sign up?

In order to protect the trainee experience, numbers for the first offering will be capped. For an application form, please contact the Society's Traineeship section.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Course Manager Rory O’Boyle.  

Information for incoming students

Trainee news and events

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Timetable information

Please note the timetable is always subject to change.  


For the duration of the PPC Hybrid trainees will have access to an iCalendar. Once downloaded, this will update your device's Outlook and/or iCalendar. Updates to the timetable will be published automatically.

It is important to note that the timetable is subject to change due to circumstances that may arise beyond our control. 

  • PPC Hybrid 2020: Timetable - an email has been sent with the iCal link to each trainee's email account. 

Core/Skills Tutorial Group Information

Only trainees with a registered status will be allocated a core tutorial group.  

In order to obtain a status of registered, trainees must have paid the course fee and returned correctly completed Deed of Indentures etc. If you still have questions regarding your application, please email traineesection@lawsociety.ie.

Core/Skills Group information will be available to download from Monday 16 December 2019.

Course Materials

All course reading and study materials are included in your fees and you will not be required to purchase any books. The first distribution will be listed on the timetable. You will be required to sign in person for all course materials.

We will distribute a large amount of materials on the first days of the course and recommend that you bring a suitable bag/case.

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iPad Information

All trainees must select an iPad, available from Wednesday 27 November until Wednesday 11 December 2019 at 5pm

The iPad included in course fees for PPC Hybrid 2019 students is the 7th Generation 10.2-inch 32GB iPad. This iPad also supports the Apple Pencil should you wish to purchase one. You can also upgrade to a higher spec iPad - consult www.apple.com/ipad before making your choice. 

  1. Log into the Law Society website using your Law Society ID number (also known as your FE-1 number). If you need to, you can reset your password. For assistance, contact webmaster@lawsociety.ie
  2. Select your iPad - either the 10.2-inch 32GB iPad or upgrade to another iPad in the list - and purchase the optional iPad Pencil 
  3. Print your receipt as proof of purchase prior to collecting your iPad during the induction day of the course. 

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to accept any requests to upgrade after Wednesday 11 December 2019.

The upgrade cost must be paid by the trainee to enable the payment to be processed. 

iPad choices

See choices below. If you decide on the 7th Generation 10.2-inch 32GB iPad there is no additional cost to the trainee, but you must log in and confirm your selection online -  select an iPad.

  1. iPad 7th Gen 10.2-inch WiFi 32GB - €0.00 (no additional cost)
  2. iPad 7th Gen 10.2-inch WiFi 128GB - €110
  3. iPad Air 10.5-inch WiFi 64GB - €190
  4. iPad Air 10.5-inch WiFi 256GB - €360
  5. iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi 64GB - €520
  6. iPad Pro 11-inch WiFi 256GB - €690
  7. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 64GB - €740
  8. iPad Pro 12.9-inch WiFi 256GB - €910
  9. iPad Pencil 1st Generation (compatible with iPad/iPad Air/iPad Mini) - €100
  10. iPad Pencil 2nd Generation (compatible with iPad Pro) - €136

iPad queries

If you have any queries regarding iPads, please email iPad@lawsociety.ie.

IT Induction 

iPad training for PPC Hybrid trainees will take place at the induction day 18 December 2019.  Attendance at these sessions is compulsory.

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Trainee ID Cards

Trainees must carry a valid ID card at all times. Your ID card contains a barcode unique to you. This card is used for monitoring attendance, identification for collecting materials, entering exams, etc. This card can be used to buy print credit by topping up online. 

In order to receive your Trainee ID Card, we require all trainees to upload a suitable digital (.jpeg) passport-type photograph to your profile on the Law Society website. 

Upload your ID photo

  • Log in using your Law Society ID number (also known as your FE-1 number).
  • At the top right hand of the screen click on your name and a drop-down will appear. Click on View My Dashboard.
  • This will bring you to your profile page, click on the Edit Profile button.
  • This will bring you to the Edit Profile page, click on the link ‘upload profile picture’ and select the file you want to upload.
  • The image must be of type .jpeg/.jpg. 
  • Access your dashboard

If you need help, contact webmaster@lawsociety.ie.

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