PPC Courses

The Law Society’s Law School offers well-rounded Professional Practice Courses (PPC), which will enable trainee solicitors to develop legal knowledge and skills to the highest of standards, whilst also preparing trainees for the reality of life as a solicitor.

The Professional Practice Course (PPC) is practice-oriented. Lectures are supported by small tutorial or skills group sessions. Classes are almost all delivered by practising solicitors, who are experts in their own areas of practice. Our associate faculty includes solicitors from large commercial firms, solicitors working for the State, general practitioners and in-house lawyers. Assessment is through continuous assessment and end-of-course examinations.

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Eligible applicants for PPC I must have: 

  • Passed, or gained exemption from the Preliminary Examination
  • Passed the Final Examination - First Part 
  • Found a suitable (practising) solicitor to act as a training solicitor

The PPC I takes place annually, usually commencing in September, running through until March (inclusive of examinations).

The following are the subjects covered on the PPC I: 

  • Applied Land Law
  • Probate & Tax
  • Business Law
  • Litigation (Civil & Criminal)
  • Legal Practice Irish (LPI) 
  • Skills - Civil & Criminal Advocacy, Interviewing & Advising, Legal Research, Legal Presentation Skills, Legal Writing & Drafting, Negotiation & Professional Development.

Your training contract commences 14 days after the final examination on PPC I.


The PPC II takes place annually, usually commencing in April, running through until June (inclusive of examinations).

Before you can be admitted onto the PPC II course you must have been declared by the Education Committee to have passed your PPC I. Where you have not passed the PPC I, you continue training in your office. Once you have passed the PPC I repeat, generally held in the autumn, you can apply to be admitted to the following year’s PPC II course.

After 11 months into the 24-month training period, you return to the Law School to attend PPC II. It usually commences in April each year and runs for 11 weeks, inclusive of examinations.

Having completed PPC II, you must return to the office of the training solicitor and complete the outstanding period of time - ten months if the trainee has not gained credit for work done prior to PPC I, or six months if credit has been obtained.

PPC Hybrid

The PPC Hybrid usually commences in January and is a more flexible route into practice that does not include the requirement to be on-site in the Law School for a substantially continuous period. It combines online lectures with face-to-face tuition. The course is also structured so that trainees will potentially be able to continue working during the PPC Hybrid.


The Findlater Scholarship was founded in 1877 by the late Sir William Findlater D.L., a past President of the Law Society of Ireland. This prestigious award is presented by the Law Society for the best performance in PPC I & PPC II examinations. There are also prizes available for each subject on PPC I.