Buy Sell Merge

Buy, sell or merge

We offer Law Society members an online service where you can communicate with fellow colleagues should you want to buy, sell or merge a practice. We also offer supporting resources, including videos, to help you navigate the purchase or sale of a practice. 

This is a private, confidential platform with the Law Society having no sight of any of the contents. 

The online facility

If you are interested in buying, selling or merging your practice, or sharing facilities, check out the Law Society's confidential online service:

Buying into a Partnership

Additional information

Useful videos 

Buying a Practice

Prospecting, negotiating, due diligence and closing – quick 5 minute overview.


 Buying into a partnership

Information you will require, critical matters to consider - 5 minute advice roundup.

Further information: Buying a Practice leaflet

Selling a Practice Video 1

How to value, what you can sell, attracting purchasers – first of two 5 minute videos.


Selling a Practice Video 2

Negotiating, due diligence, concluding the deal – second of two 5 minute videos. 


Merging Practices

Notifications necessary and progressing the merger – quick 5 minute guideline.


Valuing a Practice

Traditional Methods and what is currently most popular – quick 5 minute summary.


Transitioning from a Sole Practitioner to Partnership

What needs to be done and follow-up matters necessary - quick 5 minute overview.


Transitioning from a Partnership to a Sole practitioner Firm

What needs to be done and follow-up matters necessary - quick 5 minute overview.


Closing a Small Practice

Notifications necessary, What to do with files and money – quick 5 minute guideline.