Preventing a cyber attack

In line with global trends, cybercrime is a growing problem for the profession, as client account funds and confidential information can be an attractive target.

Unfortunately, Irish law firms have been victims of increasingly sophisticated attacks. Commonly, they involve either an attempt to gain access to bank accounts, or they use sensitive client information for ransom. For further information on common cyber attacks, see Cybersecurity Fundamentals.

In this section, you will find useful information on how to prevent a cyber attack on your practice. We have also included helpful real-life case studies, which were kindly shared by colleagues in the profession.

Guidance on preventing fraud

Law Society Committees have published useful guidance that can help you to reduce the risk of fraud against your current account.

Based on a number of factors, including but not limited to, this information, applicable laws, your IT environment and the advices of your cybersecurity/IT expert, you should consider drawing up a cybersecurity policy and business continuity plan – the former, to structure your preventative approach (this could include regular IT updates and annual staff training), and the latter, to plan ahead if the worst does happen. For further information if an attack is successful, see reporting an issue.

Case studies

Colleagues nationwide have shared examples of attempted and successful frauds against their firms. Protect yourself by seeing how criminals are operating in practice.