Business Recovery Survey Report

Your feedback has informed a programme of supports to help firms thrive in the next 12-18 months.

About the Survey and Report

The Business Recovery Survey Report explores the experience of solicitors’ practices and the business impact of operating during the last year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The aim of the research was to understand the shared experience of the solicitors’ profession and to understand the levels of and kinds of supports that have and will assist the profession.

The report, commissioned by the Law Society of Ireland and awarded to Crowe, assesses and presents the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on solicitors’ practices in Ireland. It also provides information on the type of supports envisaged as being required from the Law Society and Government over the next 12-18 months to help achieve successful business continuity and recovery.

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Business recovery survey


Evidence-based supports for members

Based on the recommendations of the report, the Society has commited to a number of actions under four themes. 

  1. Public affairs and collaboration
    • Identify key government departments and agency stakeholders and communicate the key messages from the report to them to seek additional supports for the legal sector.
    • Identify issues to improve work practice in relation to courts system.
  2. Next phase of supports for new ways of working
    • Agree development of a programme of supports and online CPD to enhance changes in the future work environment.
    • Continue Digitalisation of member information supports.
  3. Create and facilitate connections within the sector and representative organisations
    • Consider viability of setting up a virtual members’ network for member collaboration/interaction. Complete a feasibility report on viability and potential implementation. Consider shared learning events, both individual and group learning.
    • Create and facilitate connections within the sector and other representative organisations.
  4. Monitoring and evaluation
    • Review and monitor the economic situation and the responses required as future stages evolve.
    • Develop an internal capability to monitor market and economic developments. Initiate and complete bi-annual or quarterly pulse surveys to quickly and efficiently assess member feedback.

Queries and feedback

If you have any queries, please contact Small Practice Business Executive Justin Purcell.