Our solidarity

The Law Society of Ireland condemns the actions taken by Russia against Ukraine.

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This use of threat and force is a clear violation of international law by which all UN member states abide. The rule of law, protection of human rights and principles of democracy must be upheld. We support a swift and lawful end to this conflict.

In a small gesture of solidarity, the Ukrainian flag is currently flying at Blackhall Place.

Support for Ukrainian lawyers in Ireland

The Law Society, together with members, is coordinating offers of assistance to Ukrainian lawyers who have been forced to relocate to Ireland.

Ukrainian Bar Association

See updates forward from the Ukrainian Bar Association (UBA) below

Open letter to international law firms, legal associations and regulators

This letter urges entities to terminate provision of legal services to any businesses that continues operation in the Russian Federation. UBA believes that the legal community is instrumental in supporting operations and functioning of businesses who are still present in the Russian Federation. 

Open letter to international companies and businesses operating in Russia.

This letter argues that money invested in the Russian economy is financing military actions in Ukraine. Every day of war in Ukraine costs Russia around $20 billion, according to the UBA, and these sums come from the biggest taxpayers to the Russian budget.

Open letter to EU institutions

This letter urges institutions to strengthen economic and financial sanctions against the Russian Federation, and to prevent continued trade with Russia through third countries, such as Kazakhstan, which will negate the effect of sanctions and international pressure on businesses.

Call to the Contracting Parties to the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide 

The UBA calls on Contracting Parties to use all available means to prevent genocide of the population of Ukraine. According to the UBA, Russia’s actions fall under the elements provided by Article 2 of the Convention, forming a reasonable ground to believe that the crime of genocide is being committed against Ukraine.