Support for trainees

Our team of qualified psychotherapists and counsellors offers a bespoke model of counselling we call Time Concentrated Therapy. Each of the team is skilled and highly experienced in working with trainee solicitors, at all stages of training, Our model of counselling is equally helpful when trainees are experiencing challenges or are would like to gain psychological skills and insight that will optimise the training experience and help them to prepare for practice.

  • Our goal is to empower trainees to reach their full potential

  • We provide easy access to confidential conversations with trained and objective professionals

  • You do not need to have a specific issue or be in crisis to attend

Booking an appointment

To reach a member of our team of Student Counsellors please email: (full-time PPC trainees) or (Hybrid PPC trainees)

Our administration team will usually respond to you within 24 hours assigning you to your own Student Counsellor who  will contact with you to  arrange appointments that suit your timetable.

How many sessions?

Full-time PPC trainees u may avail of up to 8 individual sessions during the New Fused PPC. For those still to complete PPCII, 5 individual sessions are available to you during your course and those participating on the Hybrid PPCII can avail of 8 sessions. Sessions are entirely free.

Where are we?

In-person sessions take place in our suite of counselling rooms,  located in a discrete and welcoming space at the rear of the Green Hall. On-line sessions are also available.

What Trainees say about us

“Counselling sessions gave me more self-confidence and understanding that I am not alone in feeling overwhelmed or questioning my own ability.”

“Counselling sessions helped me look at me as a person – to highlight things I needed to address in my own life in order to operate better when I return to the office.”

“The sessions have given me the insight I was looking for in respect of how I feel about how I’m seen, both professionally and in my personal life”

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