For trainees

Beyond Knowledge and Skills

The Professional Practice Course (PPC) has four interconnected pillars reflecting the diverse demands placed on solicitors. These pillars are:

  • Knowledge and Analytical Thinking
  • Legal Skills
  • Psychological Development
  • Professional Responsibility


About this course

This course is unique to Irish professional legal training and forms the third pillar of professional education. It is designed to harness the power and potential of trainee solicitors for enhanced learning, wellbeing and success both personally and professionally.

The Complete Lawyer module is delivered by the Psychological Services team, in collaboration with leading experts, experienced practitioners, psychotherapists, executive coaches and suitably qualified professionals.


New Professional Practice Course (PPC)

This new module will run from September - December each year and is part of the core curriculum of the new PPC Fused course.


PPC Hybrid

The PPC Hybrid The Complete Lawyer module is a flexible learning course and offers a combination of online recorded lectures with some onsite face-to-face tuition.



The module is designed around 5 key aspects of life in professional practice:

  • Psychology of a Lawyer
  • Psychology of a Belonging
  • Psychology of Law Firm
  • Psychology of Leadership
  • Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing

It is delivered through a mix of in-person, live zooms and recorded zoom sessions. It is accompanied by a Reflective Practice series.


Trauma Informed Lawyering

Law Society Psychological Services collaborates with the Family and Child Law team to offer trainees cutting-edge content relating to Trauma-Informed legal practice.

About the module

The Family and Child Law Professional Practice Course module is a broad overview of a complex and rapidly developing area of law in Ireland. The past decades have witnessed gradual but decisive shifts in the dominant concerns of Family Law. A seismic shift in the practice of Family and Child Law internationally is the adoption of a trauma-informed approach when working with complex clients.

This module integrates knowledge, theories and practical implications when working with trauma, delivered by some leading legal practitioners and psychotherapists.