Women in Leadership Mentoring Programme

The 2021/22 Women in Leadership Programme is now in session. Applications for the 2022/23 programme will open in April 2022.

Supporting Women in the Profession

The Law Society is committed to promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion within the solicitors’ profession.

women in leadership

As part of our commitment, we are proud to offer the Women in Leadership Mentoring Programme, with the aim of supporting women who have been qualified for a minimum of five years who wish to advance their careers to a senior level.

The 2021/22 Women in Leadership Programme is now in session. The mentoring relationships will continue until May 2022. Applications for the 2022/23 programme will open in April 2022.


Mentoring partners generally commit to meeting once a month for around an hour over the course of 8 months.


The mentor panel is made up of senior solicitors (female and male) from the public and private sector. We welcome applications from solicitors from all sectors of the profession and all parts of the country. 


For the  2021/22 programme, we welcomed applications from solicitors who are members of the Law Society and have been qualified for a minimum of 5 years on or before 31 December 2021. 


The training is in two parts and is coordinated by Law Society Finuas Skillnet. Part 1 is a self-paced eLearning course that will take participants approximately 90 minutes to complete. The course covers an introduction to mentoring in a professional setting, an exploration of how you can successfully build the foundations of a strong mentoring relationship and an outline of the key skills required in the role. There are interactive activities to complete (including scenario-based questions) and useful resources that can be downloaded. The course must be completed prior to Part 2 of the training. 

Part 2 of the training is attendance at a follow-up one-hour Zoom session where we will look at the structure and key elements of the Law Society’s Women in Leadership mentoring programme and allow time for any questions participants may have about the process. Following the online zoom training, participants are matched with a suitable mentoring partner (if available).

Timelines for 2021/22 Programme which is currently in session  

  • July 2021: Matching takes place during the month of July.
  • August 2021: Applicants (mentors and mentees) are informed via email if they have been successfully matched. Where a match has been secured, applicants will be contacted with access details to the Law Society Finuas Skillnet mentor and mentee self-paced online courses. This course must be completed in advance of the one-hour zoom meets virtual training session in September. 
  • September 2021: One-hour virtual zoom meets follow-up training in best-practice mentoring techniques session. All online learning via self-paced courses and virtual zoom meets session are eligible for CPD hours.
  • September 2021: Following successful completion of training, applicants are informed of the match details. 
  • October 2021: The Mentoring relationship begins.
  • May 2022: The Mentoring relationship comes to an end.


Some comments from mentors and mentees from previous programmes

'I am delighted to be on this programme, I find it really good and my mentor and I have clicked. At present, the programme has exceeded my expectations and I am very thankful for being a participant.'

'I'd like to express my thanks to the Law Society for organising and coordinating this very worthwhile programme.'

'Thank you for organising this very worthwhile programme.'

'I am enjoying the experience - it's refreshing to hear about working life from the other side of the spectrum.'

To find out more about the programme, see a testimonial from recent participant Justine Carty.

The Women in Leadership mentoring programme is run in collaboration with Law Society Finuas Skillnet with the support of Skillnet Ireland. Visit the webpage for more details on Law Society Finuas Skillnet.

Need Assistance?

If you have any queries about the programme please contact the women in Leadership Programme Manager, Michelle Nolan, at LW@lawsociety.ie. If you have any queries about the training please contact Dr Rachael Hession, Law Society Finuas Skillnet Programme Manager at FinuasSkillnet@lawsociety.ie

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