Legal Ambitions Summer School

Legal Ambitions Summer School is an innovative outreach programme offered by the Law Society of Ireland.

Law Society Summer School

The Law Society of Ireland invites transition year students across Ireland to take part in our online Legal Ambitions Summer School, which launches on Tuesday 20 July 2021. The Summer School provides students with an insight into how the law can be relevant to their daily lives and promotes awareness of constitutional principles, and values which underpin the rule of law in Ireland.

The 2021 Programme

The Summer School will be delivered entirely online and cover themes such as social justice, human rights and climate change.

Over the week, short video interviews and presentations will be released in a play-on-demand basis and supported with interactive content, such as online quizzes and additional educational resources, to help deepen the learning experience. Applications closed on 2 July 2021.

Programme structure

  • Free programme delivered online
  • Open to Transition Year students nationwide
  • Presentations from Law Society staff, leading lawyers and industry experts
  • Short, easy-to-consume video interviews and presentations
  • Quizzes and online resources
  • Dynamic themes such as social justice, human rights and climate change. 

Hear from 2020 participants

"Your Legal Ambitions course has given me a fascinating insight into the structure of the justice system in Ireland, the type of subjects involved in a law degree and the life of a solicitor. I found each of the lectures and interviews extremely engaging and informative. I'm really grateful for the opportunity the course gave to learn more about the study of law and engage in lectures from industry professionals. I'm especially grateful that the course was completely free and accessible online on demand."


"The Legal Ambitions Summer School gave my 16 year old daughter an invaluable insight into the legal landscape in Ireland. She enjoyed the variety of speakers and topics. As a solicitor myself, it was so encouraging to see how she was beginning to grasp some legal concepts and we had some interesting conversations while walking Dun Laoghaire pier about mens rea and actus reus!

"This is a great initiative by the Law Society to encourage young people who have legal ambitions to explore some aspects of the profession in more depth. The modules were very easy to navigate and the whole summer school was very user-friendly and innovative." 


"I really enjoyed the Summer School and found the online presentations very enjoyable. I learned a lot from the lectures. I thought it was really interesting and has given me some ideas of what I want to study in college. It has also given me different ideas and areas I would like to participate in for my transition year work experience."


"Thank you for the wonderful work put into the Summer School, it was engaging and had just the right balance of information. In terms of the duration and delivery it met and exceeded expectations so well done. My 15 year old certainly enjoyed and it was very well received."


"I really enjoyed the Summer School and learned so much about law from it. I found all aspects of the four weeks interesting, especially the criminal law module. All the speakers were very engaging and explained everything about their careers very well. I would definitely now consider studying law in college and perhaps pursuing that career path. Having missed out on a huge amount of my transition year due to coronavirus, participating in this course was a great way to finish off my year before I go back to school."


Register online

To register for the summer school, please complete the short form below by 2 July 2021.