Problems with solicitors

If you have a problem with a solicitor, there are several options open to you. Find out more about these below.

Making a complaint

The society can investigate claims of:

  • Inadequate professional services
  • Excessive fees
  • Misconduct

For more information, see complaints against solicitors.

Taking legal action

The courts established by the Constitution are usually the place where conflicts relating to negligence and breach of contract are resolved.

If a complaint involves allegations of negligence and breach of contract where the complainant is seeking compensation in excess of €3,000, or if the Complaints and Client Relations Committee considers that a civil remedy in the courts is appropriate for a complaint, the complainant will be informed and the Society is not empowered to take any further action in relation to the complaint and/or the solicitor.

Negligence Panel

The Society maintains a list of solicitors who are prepared to take negligence and breach of contract actions against colleagues. This list of solicitors is referred to as the Negligence Panel and details are provided here.

The Law Society understands that sometimes complainants, having had an unsatisfactory experience with their previous solicitor, are reluctant to become involved with legal action and/or more solicitors. However, you should not allow this reluctance to unduly influence you. 

For details of solicitors who are prepared to help with a negligence or breach of contract action, view the Negligence Panel

The Law Society Compensation Fund

In the unlikely event that your solicitor was dishonest, and you lost money that you gave them or that that they received on your behalf, you may be able to claim compensation.