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In this section, download helpful Law Society information on a range of legal areas, a guide to professional conduct of solicitors and useful links to getting a legal quote and why you should use a solicitor.

The Law Society has compiled helpful information for consumers about a range of legal topics - click on the links below to download these leaflets:

Get a legal quote

If you are seeking a quote for legal services, we have compiled a list of firms around Ireland who have opted in to give quotes on four legal services - you just need to fill out a questionnaire. Get a quote.

Talk to your solicitor

If you are seeking legal advice, we would recommend that you speak with a solicitor who has the expertise to help you. The Law Society cannot provide legal advice on any matter.

Guide to Professional Conduct of Solicitors

This Guide is a statement of the accepted principles of good conduct in practice for solicitors, illustrated in the context of practical situations, including those which are most frequently the subject of queries to the Law Society from solicitors. 

The legal framework for the regulation of the conduct of solicitors in Ireland is the Solicitors Acts 1954 to 2011 and the regulations under those acts. In addition, there are recognised principles of good professional conduct, such as honesty, independence, confidentiality and avoidance of conflict of interest situations, contravention of which may amount to misconduct.

Legal Links

For a list of useful legal resources, see Legal Website Links.

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