Unregulated entity – Hamilton Douglas Legal


The Society does not authorise or regulate the entity Hamilton Douglas Legal.


Not a regulated entity

The public and members of the profession are advised that Hamilton Douglas Legal [HD Claims] www.hdclaims.co.uk is not a firm of solicitors and its director Mr Adnan Ahmed is not on the Roll of Solicitors. Therefore be advised that any business, correspondence or transactions undertaken with Hamilton Douglas Legal is not from a regulated firm of solicitors and the Law Society does not account for their activity in anyway.

The public should be aware that unregulated entities, such as Hamilton Douglas Legal are not required to be insured, regulated or qualified in the areas they claim to offer services in and as such, should not expect a service equivalent to that from a qualified, regulated and insured solicitor. Furthermore, as an unregulated entity Hamilton Douglas Legal is unaccountable to the Legal Service Regulatory Authority and any grievance against their service, fees or conduct will not be accepted as an admissible complaint. 

Verifying details

If you are unsure as to the status of any entity that seeks to provide you with a legal service you should check their authenticity by entering the details in the 'Find a Solicitor' search function.