Launch of Report on ECHR Act 2003 and EUCFR in Irish case law

30/07/2015 15:19:29

Law Society of Ireland and the Dublin Solicitors Bar Association (DSBA) commissioned a Report on the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights Act 2003 (the ECHR Act 2003) and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights on Irish case law.

One of the aims of this Report is to raise awareness amongst practitioners of the human rights protected by the ECHR Act 2003 and the Charter, and their application and development by the Irish courts. The Report will also assist the practitioner in utilising these cases in a range of areas of legal practice.

A further aspect of the project is the creation of the Annexes – an extensive list of decided cases in which the Convention or the ECHR Act 2003 or the Charter have been pleaded.   

The Report was authored by Dr. Suzanne Kingston and Dr. Liam Thornton of the Sutherland School of Law at UCD. The Report reflects their exceptional expertise and knowledge of human rights law, and the Law Society and DSBA are particularly grateful to them for producing such an excellent legal source of reference and analysis for practitioners.