Frequently Asked Questions

The Law Society of Ireland represents, educates and regulates solicitors in Ireland. If you have a query in relation to our functions we can help answer it.

We often receive requests for legal advice. However, we are unable to assist with these as we cannot give legal advice. If you need legal advice, we suggest you contact a solicitor. A list of all solicitors who hold a current practising certificate and professional indemnity insurance is found under Find a Solicitor/Firm


We suggest you read our Frequently Asked Questions below as the answers to many of our most common enquiries are contained there. If your question is not listed, you can contact us.

About Us

What is the Law Society?

The Law Society of Ireland is the educational, representative and regulatory body of the solicitors' profession in Ireland.

What is the role of the Law Society Council?

The Law Society of Ireland is governed by a Council, comprising elected and nominated members of the solicitors’ profession. The Council represents the Society and its members both in the interests of the public and of the solicitors’ profession generally.

How do I contact the Law Society with a media query?

I would like the Law Society to come to my school to speak about the law. Is this possible?

The Law Society of Ireland actively supports Public Legal Education (PLE) projects through a series of initiatives and engagement with solicitor, trainees and the public. PLE aims to increase awareness of the law by teaching people about our legal system and how law impacts on society, so they can better exercise their legal rights and responsibilities.

Can I hold my event in Blackhall Place?

Blackhall Place is one of Dublin's most popular venues for all types of corporate and private events including weddings, corporate dinners and meetings.

Login issues

I am having problems logging into the website or creating a login account.

For login assistance, visit the Help section.

Please note, if you are a solicitor on the Law Society of Ireland roll or a Law School trainee, you don’t need to create a login account as it has been created for you.

Legal advice

Can the Law Society give me legal advice?

The Law Society of Ireland is the professional body for solicitors in Ireland. We are unable to give legal advice. If you require legal advice, you should consult a solicitor. A list of all solicitors who hold a current practising certificate in Ireland is found under Find a Solicitor/Firm.

I require legal advice but I cannot afford to pay for the services of a solicitor. Can the Law Society assist me with funding?

If you cannot afford to consult a solicitor, we suggest you contact your local Free Legal Advice Centre (FLAC). FLAC volunteers provide free basic legal assistance. Visit the FLAC website.

Also, the Legal Aid Board provides legal aid and advice on civil matters to persons unable to fund those services from their own resources. For more information, visit the Legal Aid Board website.

Finally, you may find the Citizens Information Board useful. It is a statutory body which supports the provision of information, advice and advocacy on a range of public and social services. Visit the Citizens Information Board website.

The Law Society is the professional body for solicitors in Ireland. We are unable to give legal advice and we cannot offer financial assistance to members of the public to assist with legal costs.

I am not sure the legal advice my solicitor gave me is correct. Can the Law Society give me a second opinion?

The Law Society cannot advise you in a matter like this as we cannot give legal advice. If you require a second legal opinion, you may wish to consult a solicitor. You will find a full  list of all solicitors who hold a current practising certificate under Find a Solicitor/Firm.

You can also access a list of solicitors who are prepared to take negligence and breach of contract actions against other solicitors - see the Negligence Panel

I don’t agree with the Court’s decision in my case. Do you think the outcome is correct?

This is a request for legal advice. As the professional body for solicitors, we cannot provide legal advice or comment on individual cases. You should discuss any concerns you may have with the solicitor who handled your case.

Please recommend to me a solicitor with expertise in a particular area of law.

The Law Society of Ireland cannot recommend one solicitor over another as this would be a clear conflict of interest. You can find a list of all solicitors who hold a current practising certificate under Find a Solicitor/Firm.

You can also check a solicitor’s disciplinary record.

Practice Notes

I want to make a comment on a Law Society of Ireland Practice Note.

Practice Notes are issued by the Law Society for the guidance of solicitors. If you would like clarification or have concerns about the contents of a particular practice note, you should discuss them with your solicitor. If you are a solicitor and have an enquiry about a Practice Note, you should contact the relevant committee.

Lodging court documents

I am representing myself in a case and wish to lodge Court documents. Can I send them to the Law Society?

No, court papers should never be sent to the Law Society for lodging. Sending them to the Law Society has no legal effect whatsoever. Similarly, the Law Society of Ireland does not have the capacity to act as a summons server for third parties.

For information on lodging court documents, please contact the Courts Service of Ireland


How do I become a solicitor?

You will find detailed information about the process for qualifying as a solicitor under Become a Solicitor.

I am a lawyer with a qualification from outside the Republic of Ireland. Can I practise in the Republic of Ireland jurisdiction?

Our section on Foreign Lawyers provides detailed information on the steps you need to take. For details, see Foreign Lawyers.

Legal fees

How do I know if the fees charged by my solicitor are excessive? Will you provide me with a scale of estimated solicitors’ fees?

We are unable to provide a scale of estimated solicitors’ fees as it would infringe competition law. However, to assist you see our guide to legal charges.

If you believe that the fee charged by your solicitor is excessive, you have the option of filing an official complaint with the Law Society. Please see the steps involved in Making a Complaint.


I want to make a complaint against my solicitor.

The Law Society is no longer responsible for investigating complaints against solicitors. Since October 2019, the Legal Services Regulatory Authority (LSRA) is now charged with this regulatory function.

The LSRA can investigate complaints against solicitors relating to; inadequate professional services, excessive fees and misconduct.

All complaints against solicitors must be made to the LSRA. Further information is available from the LSRA website

If you wish to contact the LSRA directly, its details are:

Legal Services Regulatory Authority
PO Box 12906
Dublin 7
Tel: (01) 859 2911

I want to make a complaint against a barrister.

There is information about making a complaint against a barrister on the Bar Council of Ireland website.        

For more information about the Law Society, see about us.