Disciplinary Tribunal

The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal is an independent statutory tribunal appointed by the President of the High Court to consider complaints of misconduct against solicitors.

The Law Society may refer your complaint to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal. 

Every client of a solicitor also has a right to make a direct application to the Disciplinary Tribunal without having the complaint dealt with in the first instance by the Law Society.

If you have already made a complaint to the Society and your complaint has not been upheld, you are still entitled to apply to the Tribunal.

Members & Powers

The members of the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, which is independent of the Society, are appointed by the President of the High Court. The tribunal also includes lay members (non-solicitors). The Tribunal has limited judicial powers. Its primary function is to establish, by evidence and documents, the facts of your complaint, and to decide whether misconduct is proved.

Findings & Sanctions

Where there is a finding of misconduct, the Tribunal can itself impose a sanction on the solicitor (which can include a direction to pay restitution of a sum not exceeding €15,000 to any aggrieved party) or the Tribunal may refer its finding and recommendation to the President of the High Court, who ultimately will decide on the nature of the sanction to be imposed on the solicitor.

How to make an application

To make an application to the Tribunal, a form of application and a sworn affidavit must be completed. If you are considering a direct application to the Tribunal, you should first contact the Clerk of the Disciplinary Tribunal, The Disciplinary Tribunal, The Friary, Bow Street, Dublin 7 to obtain the appropriate information leaflet and application forms.

For more information, visit the Disciplinary Tribunal website.

Check a Solicitor's Disciplinary Record

To check a solicitor's record, you can search a database containing the disciplinary records of solicitors by clicking on the link below.