Application process

Justice Media Awards application process

Steps to your application

  1. Review the eligibility guidelines

  2. Select your category

  3. Prepare your accompanying materials

  4. Submit your entry

Submission guidelines

The following information will help you submit your entry in full without delay. Please read these guidelines carefully before submitting an entry. 

All applicants must complete the online form and provide a 150-word summary of the entry and its impact.  

Depending on the category, you may also need to add a file-sharing link to download the relevant accompanying files (i.e. PDF, word document, links, video or audio files) in the ‘Files’ field of the entry form. 

All filenames should include your full name and the category. 

Important information 

  • If you are entering more than one article, link or broadcast piece in an entry, you must highlight the most important piece and number each piece thereafter by priority to be judged to a maximum of five pieces of content.  

  • If your article is behind a paywall, please provide a PDF version and share a file-sharing link. 

  • If your audio-visual entry exceeds 20 minutes, please indicate time makers for the best 20 minutes of footage or audio that relates directly to the law to be judged. If this is not specified, the first 20 minutes will be judged. 

  • For category 14 and 15 you must submit a sample of your work to a maximum of five pieces of content, which should be ordered by priority. 

Read the FAQs


  • The applicable period for entries is 1 March 2023 – 29 February 2024. 

  • The closing date for entries is 5pm on Wednesday 10 April 2024.

Contact details 

Contact Miriam Taber;