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Dignity at Work Toolkit

dignity at workLaw Society Psychological Services has created a Dignity at Work Toolkit in response to the Law Society Dignity Matters Report findings. This Toolkit offers legal organisations practical information on the prevention, intervention and resolution of dignity at work issues. It details best practice approaches to creating safe, healthy and respectful workplaces. The Toolkit also provides step-by-step guidance for creating dignity at work policies for all sized teams and legal organisations.


Dignity Matters video

The Law Society has created a Dignity Matters Video to raise awareness of Dignity at Work issues in the solicitors' profession. The video was created to generate reflection on the underlying psychology of behaviours such as bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment in the workplace. It examines the impact of these behaviours on an individual or team, and shares ideas about how to build positive work environments.

Dignity Matters Video One: How can we understand harmful behaviours in the workplace?

Dignity Matters Video Two: What is the impact of harmful behaviours in the workplace?

Dignity Matters Video Three: How can we create workplaces that are free from harmful behaviours?

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IBA Us Too? – Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Legal Profession Training

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If you have been affected by bullying, harassment, or sexual harassment, you can call LegalMind

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