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Greg Ryan

Greg RyanTechnical Solicitor                                    

My route into law began with a Bachelor of Civil Law in UCD. At that stage I was unsure of what exactly I wanted to do for my future career, but I was conscious that I wanted to help people. It was work experience with a number of small practitioners over the summers that led me to a career as a Solicitor, and I subsequently took up an apprenticeship with Peart Solicitors in 1996 and Michael Peart - as he was then.

In training, I was very fortunate to work closely with two outstanding leaders in the solicitors profession in Pearts - Michael Peart and Max Conroy. They instilled the values of independent thought, integrity, and most of all, the importance of communication in any Solicitor, both in terms of his practice and professional life, but in particular for the benefit of his relationship with his clients.

Pearts at the time was a very busy litigation practice, and following my time in Pearts,  I had the good fortune to work for two years for Brian Morton in Firhouse. Brian was also a man of considerable integrity, and a genuine leader who was an inspiration to all who worked with him. He, together with Max and Michael, can only be described as true gentlemen.

Setting Up In Practice

I set up on my own as a sole practitioner in 2001, initially in Dundrum, and moved to Upper Mount Street in 2013. The firm is continuing to grow, which bears its own challenges. We target commercial work and most clients are SME owner-managed businesses. New business come almost entirely from client recommendations.   

For anyone considering a career in law, either as a Solicitor or as a Barrister, they should seek as much work experience as they can with both small and large firms, in order to experience exactly what the profession entails. Like all good things in life, one doesn’t achieve much in law without hard work - but it is an immensely rewarding and satisfying life.

I also recommend that solicitors get involved in the professional associations that represent us. I have long been involved in Dublin Bar Association and I’m on the Association’s Council. I’m the Association’s Programmes Director and Chairperson of its Commercial and Business Law Committee. I’m also a Council member of the Law Society and Chairperson of its Technology Committee.

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