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Advertising Policy for Job and Display Ads

In addition to our terms and conditions and privacy policy, anyone placing Job Ads and Display Ads on the Legal Vacancies website must comply with our Advertising Policy outlined here. This policy refers to the placement and content of the advertisements.

As owner of this website, the Law Society of Ireland (‘Law Society’) reserves the right to amend these rules and all other applicable terms and conditions. Advertisers are bound by the most up-to-date rules and terms and conditions, and it is their responsibility to inform themselves of any changes that may occur.

  • Job applicants responding to a Job Ad or Display Ad on legalvacancies.ie are always informed of an employer’s identity before their application is forwarded on to the employer.
  • Wording in any Job Ad or Display Ad that does not comply with the Law Society’s publishing policy will be amended without notice necessarily being provided to the advertiser.
  • Advertisers must advise each applicant that she/he is not being considered further for a post within a reasonable time period.
  • All Job Ads and Display Ads must correspond to a true and real position.
  • Each Job Ad can only contain information on a single job or single type of job – not a number of different jobs.
  • All Job Ads must be for paid positions.
  • All Ads must not damage the good name and reputation of Law Society.
  • Any Ads that contravene, or may possibly contravene, the law will not be published.