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Success at Interview

How to succeed

Success at interview is down to convincing the employer that you would fit well into their team, that you would do the job competently and that you can develop well and provide good value should they hire you.


  • Get there early and relaxed.
  • Compliment and demonstrate warmth.
  • Use interviewers' names, maintain good eye contact and sit upright.
  • Drink water but decline tea / coffee.
  • Focus most of your attention on the decision-maker.


  • Understand and comply with the 50-50 rule (talking vs listening).
  • Keep your answers to between 30 seconds and two minutes.
  • Focus on what’s important to the interviewers.
  • Never - ever - be negative or critical.
  • Demonstrate ambition and enthusiasm.

Answering Questions

  • Listen really attentively to interviewers.
  • Wait for the end of every question before thinking about your answer.
  • If you’re not sure about a question, clarify what they want to know.
  • If you don’t know an answer, admit it – but clarify their question first.
  • If you don’t know something, explain how you would solve it / get help with it.

Finishing Strong

  • Tell them that you have enjoyed the meeting and that you’re interested.
  • Reiterate why you believe you’re suited to the role.
  • Ask if they have any reservations.
  • Say goodbye to everybody, using their name.
  • Send a ‘thank you’ email to the decision maker as soon as you can.

Other Tips

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