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LinkedIn Advanced Tips

Optimising your LinkedIn presence

Basic use of LinkedIn revolves around setting up your profile, making connections and joining groups. If you want to optimise benefits that you can derive from the site you should familiarise yourself with the facilities and options that LinkedIn provides.

Improve your profile

  • Organise a personalised URL.
  • Review your profile and improve by editing and adding to it.
  • Post a copy of your CV to your profile.
  • Put your email address on your profile - in an easy-to-see place.
  • Consider using the ‘Add Sections’ facility.


  • Watch job adverts featuring on LinkedIn.
  • Follow employers that you would like to work with.
  • Find out about alternative jobs by looking at what others have done.
  • You can approach people who you would like to work with.
  • If you become available for work, you can announce to your connections.


  • Use personalised messages when connecting with people. 
  • Use your connections to connect with people you want to target.
  • Use the ‘Answers’ facility to find out about many things.
  • Publish posts regularly and respond to posts by other people.
  • Join more groups and get involved in discussions going on.

Doing Research

  • Use the LinkedIn search facility to find out about companies and people.
  • Find out about people you are going to be interviewed by.
  • Adjust settings if you want to look at profiles anonymously.
  • Understand the ‘like for like’ rule that LinkedIn operates by.
  • Consider taking out a paid subscription if you’re researching regularly.

Other Tips

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