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Common CV Mistakes

Common mistakes to avoid in your CV

Making a good first impression with a well drafted CV is critical when applying for jobs. Most common mistakes in your CV can be avoided by paying more attention to the finer detail. You can check your CV is error free by using the below list of the most common CV mistakes to watch out for.


  • Using an over embellished page style or coloured background.
  • Poor balance across the page between the text and white space.
  • CV is too long – 2 pages are more sufficient.
  • Too many styles of text used.
  • Margins too wide or too narrow.
  • CV too short.


  • Incorrect contact details.
  • Typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Using abbreviations, over claim words, clichés and jargon.
  • Unclear employment history - not running in chronological order from present to past.
  • Using paragraphs of text.
  • Discussing yourself using ‘I’ and ‘my’.
  • Long winded sentences with complicated language.

Additional information

  • Including personal information.
  • Using non-standard software making it difficult to view your CV.
  • Unprofessional email address and file name.
  • Not tailoring the CV to the job.
  • Unprofessional language or overly casual tone.


  • Sent to the wrong person or company.
  • Adding in unnecessary information.
  • Being vague or having a lack of focus.
  • Lack of credibility.

Other Tips

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