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Employer FAQ

How do I create a job ad?

To advertise a job online, choose from a standard or display ad under place an ad

  • You will need to complete the online form with all the required information. Optional extras can be chosen to enhance your job advertisement.
  • Employers can also choose to use the facilities of an independent candidate screening company to assist with the recruitment process.
  • Pay for your ad online using a credit or debit card. For security reasons, you will be required to log in or create an account on the website before providing payment details.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your ad is successfully submitted. It will be reviewed by our legal vacancies team prior to going live and we will contact you if there are any queries.

How much does it cost to advertise? 

You can book and pay for a standard job ad (plus extras) or display ad under Place an Ad - fees outlined below exclude VAT and are introductory prices which are subject to change:

Basic Online Ad Packages 

  • Basic Job Ad - online ad for eight weeks or until deadline date if sooner - €300 members/ €500 non-members.
  • Basic Job Ad plus Gazette ad - online ad plus eighth of a page ad in the Law Society Gazette  - €650 members / €850 non-members.
  • Basic Job Ad plus bigger Gazette ad - online ad plus a 10% discount is available on Gazette advertising if you choose this option.

Optional extras

  • No Name Listing - employer name not displayed. Applications forwarded to employer through independent company - €150
  • Hot Job - featured in Hot Jobs block on home page and on jobs listing page for two weeks. Maximum five jobs at one time - €150
  • Job of week - featured at the top of every job alert email sent to subscribers for one week - €300
  • Candidate screening - A service to screen applications based on employer’s role requirements by third party recruitment service - €500
  • Full recruitment support - Application screening plus ongoing liaison and support provided by third party recruitment service until appointment is made - €1,000
  • Employer/Recruiter Spotlight - see Display ad options below.

Display advertising

  • Skyscraper ad - banner ad (160px * 600px) on the right-hand side of all internal content pages, excluding the home page - €300
  • MPU Display ad - banner ad (286px * 322px) featured on the home page - €400
  • Employer/Recruiter Spotlight - Display your logo or other image (273px * 146px) on the home page for four weeks - €200

What is the duration of the advertisements?

Basic Job Ad

  • Job ads will be advertised on the legal vacancies website for 8 weeks or until the closing date, whichever comes first.

Hot Jobs

  • Hot Job advertisements are featured in the ‘Hot Jobs’ block of the homepage for two weeks. These randomly generated if more than four Hot Jobs at one time.

Job of the week

  • Job of the week will be featured at the top of every job alert email sent to subscribers, regardless of personal preferences, for 1 week.

Employer spotlight

  • Employer spotlight display ads are featured on the home page for four weeks. These are randomly generated if more than four.

Skyscraper display ad

  • A Skyscraper display ad features on the right hand side of all pages, excluding the home page, for a period of 4 weeks. These are randomly generated if more than one. 

MPU display ad

  • An MPU Display Ad is featured on the home page for 4 weeks. These are randomly generated if more than one. 

How do I write an effective job specification / description?

A well written job description can have a great impact on the quality of applications received. It should ideally contain the following information in a clear and concise format: 

  • Job title and job location.
  • Information about your company.
  • General description of what the job entails – duties and responsibilities.
  • Expected experience, skills and knowledge or educational background required for the position. 
  • Salary and hours of work – optional.
  • Details on how to apply.
  • Closing date if required.

Please note any information that we deem as discriminatory will be removed from the job advertisement. 

Can I upload my company logo?

Yes, you can upload your company logo to match the relevant specifications for the following ad types:

  • Employer Spotlight         Advertisement Size 273px * 146px
  • Skyscraper ads               Advertisement Size 160px X 600px
  • MPU ads                          Advertisement Size 286px X 322px

How do I upload a picture or file to Display Ads?

Once you have chosen the type of display ad you wish to purchase, you can upload a picture, logo or file of your choosing. The file will need to comply with the pixel sizes required as outlined below.

  • Employer Spotlight                      240px X 129px
  • Skyscraper Advertisement         160px X 600px
  • Homepage MPU                           286px X 322px

How do I change the pixel sizes of my logo or picture?

Dependant on the programme or operating system you are using, you will need to edit the picture or logo and resize it to the exact pixels required for the display ad you have chosen.

Can a job be edited once it goes live?

Once a job is published on the website, it can be edited by the legal vacancies team - call 01 672 4891 or email details of your request to legalvacancies@lawsociety.ie  

Please note, editing is limited to the actual job posted and another job ad cannot be uploaded in the same job slot. 

How are job applications received?

Job applications are distributed via the email address or website link supplied by the employer organisation. If you have chosen any of the additional recruitment service options as outlined below, applications will be processed through an independent candidate screening company who will forward applications accordingly.

  • No name listing
  • Candidate screening service
  • Full recruitment support

Can companies outside of Ireland advertise on the website?

Yes, companies outside of Ireland can advertise a job. 

Can charities post a job ad?

Yes, charities and NGOs are welcome to advertise jobs on the website.

How can I get a receipt / invoice for the purchase?

Online payment

  • A confirmation email with unique reference number is sent to the email address provided as a receipt for online payment. A receipt invoice will be emailed to you in due course.

Offline payment

  • Invoices will be emailed to you in due course.

If you have a query about an invoice, please contact 01 672 4891 or email legalvacancies@lawsociety.ie

Can I advertise multiple job ads at a discounted rate?

Discounted multiple advertising options are not currently available on this website.

What methods of payment are accepted?

Online payments can be made using a credit or debit card. 

How do I log in?

Law Society Member

If you are on the Law Society of Ireland Roll of Solicitors, you can log in by using your username (solicitor number) and password.


If you are not a solicitor and do not have an existing Law Society login account, please follow the instructions for registering a new account

I have forgotten my password?

If you have forgotten your password, a new password can be requested by selecting the Forgot Password link on the Login page. 

I am having problems creating an account / logging into the website?

If you need help creating an account or logging in to the website, contact webmaster@lawsociety.ie with details of your query. 

I am having problems with the form to submit a job ad?

If you have a problem submitting a job ad using the online form, first check that you have completed all the required fields in the form before clicking 'submit'.

If you have completed all the required fields and received no error message, but have not advanced to the next screen, please add www.lawsociety.ie to the 'trusted sites' list in your browser's security settings. If this does not resolve the problem, contact webmaster@lawsociety.ie with details of your issue. 

I signed up for job alerts and / or the newsletter and I have not received anything?

Job alerts

Job alerts are emailed to you based on the specific preferences you have chosen. If you would like to update your preferences, simply log in and re-submit your new preferences. 


If you have a query about subscribing to the newsletter, you can contact us by email or on 01 881 5766. Newsletters are generally sent out twice monthly, excluding the Christmas and New Year period.

What are the terms and conditions in regards to placing a job ad / display ad?

See our policies for using this site as follows: