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Interviews and Body Language

Making a good impression at interview

Your body language can speak volumes about you - especially at interview. Outlined below are tips on body language matters that you might consider prior to attending a job interview.

Before the interview

  •  Arrive at the building 5 -10 minutes before your interview.
  • You are being observed from the moment you arrive at the building, be friendly, calm and professional.
  • If you have to wait – sit up straight and relax.
  • Best not to place things in your lap.
  • Greet the person meeting you with a smile and walk confidently.

At the Interview

  • Place your belongings on your left side – this makes it easier to shake hands.
  • Offer your right hand with your palm tilted slightly up.
  • Shake the interviewer(s) hand in a self-assured manner, smile and make eye contact.
  • Sit back into the chair and slightly away from the table.
  • Items needed for the interview should be placed on the table anything else can be placed on the floor beside you.
  • Do not hold anything in your lap.
  • Sit still and relaxed.

During the Interview

  • Make regular eye contact and smile where appropriate. Never fully lock eyes with the interviewer(s).
  • Try to keep your gestures above the table height and below your collarbone.
  • Avoid crossing your arms or slouching as it gives a ‘closed’ impression.
  • Plant your feet on the ground.
  • Look interested. Nod your head while listening.
  • When answering a question try to keep your voice positive, relaxed and enthusiastic.

Ending the Interview

  • Smoothly gather your belongings on your left hand side.
  • Smile, shake hands and thank them for their time.
  • Walk out of the interview in a smart and professional manner.
  • Smile at any other staff you meet and thank the receptionist before exiting the building.

Other Tips

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