The Law Society has a statutory duty to maintain a register of all orders containing findings of misconduct made against solicitors by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal and the High Court.

Any person can apply to the Law Society for a copy of entries on that register that relate to a particular solicitor by submitting a request in writing to the Regulation Department of the Law Society.

The Law Society also has a statutory obligation to publish disciplinary findings against solicitors.  The Society has developed a publication policy for this website that is linked to the severity of sanction imposed.  This policy provides for the ongoing publication of the most serious sanctions and the publication of less serious findings and related sanctions for specified periods of time. 

  • Where the finding includes a sanction to strike the solicitor’s name off the roll of solicitors the order will remain published indefinitely.

  • Where a finding includes an order to suspend the solicitor’s practising certificate the finding will be published for the duration of the period of suspension or three years, whichever is the longer.

  • Where the finding includes a sanction to impose a condition upon a solicitor’s practising certificate that finding will be published for a period of 3 years, or the duration of time specified in the order, whichever is the longer.

  • All other findings of misconduct will be published for a period of three years.

 By law, findings of misconduct are made against individual solicitors, not firms of solicitors.   SCROLL DOWN to view the search results. To view more details, click on the 'Show Details' link.