Quality of Service

A sample quality service statement is available below.

Solicitors' clients as consumers of legal services seek the assurances they would expect when purchasing any service. 

Sample Quality Service Statement

This firm is committed to ensuring a quality service to all our clients


We will observe the utmost confidentiality with regard to your affairs.


We will be courteous in all our dealings with you.

Your legal options

We will explain your legal options and the procedures involved clearly to you to assist you make the best decisions about your affairs both initially and as the matter progresses.


We will give you information in writing about our own and other charges in accordance with legislation.


Once agreed instructions have been accepted, we will progress your affairs efficiently.


We will keep you informed of the progress of your affairs on an ongoing basis.

Where information is not immediately available we will send you an interim reply.

We will respond quickly to your letters and telephone calls.

We will inform you of any developments which will significantly affect your transactions with us.

Your money

If you give us money to make a payment on your behalf or we receive money on your behalf we will hold this money strictly in accordance with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations.


If you make a written complaint to us your file will be reviewed and a written reply will be issued to you.