Civil legal aid

The Legal Aid Board provides legal advice and representation in court to people who cannot afford to pay for a solicitor. To qualify for civil legal aid, you must show that you have an annual disposable income of under €18,000. You must also have disposable capital assets (not including your family home) of under €100,000 in value.

If you are applying for civil legal aid, you must pay a contribution towards the cost of your case. The minimum contribution is €30 for legal advice, and €130 for legal representation. This can rise depending on your means.

In some cases, the Legal Aid Board will require you to repay some or all of its costs at the end of the case. However, it will only pursue costs from money that it has recovered for you.

For more information on civil legal aid, see the Legal Aid Board website. You can also contact the Legal Aid Board by calling 1890 615 200.

Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC)

Free Legal Advice Centres (FLAC) is an independent voluntary organisation offering free and confidential legal advice to people at clinics nationwide. To find out more, and get information on the nearest FLAC clinic, visit the FLAC website.