Shape the future of the Law Society of Ireland

The Law Society is in the process of developing its 2024-2028 strategy statement to shape the priorities of the Law Society for the next five years.

Throughout the year, the Law Society has been connecting with its stakeholders as part of an extensive consultation process. The views, contributions and differing perspectives regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the profession have been taken on board and will help shape the next strategy.

Have your say in Cork on 5 October

Following a June meeting in Dublin, the Law Society is hosting a discussion on future strategy at the Clayton Hotel in Cork on the evening of 5 October and we would love to hear the views of solicitors in this part of the country.

Bar Associations from Cork and surrounding counties will also be represented.


Results of April / May 2023 survey

As part of this comprehensive discovery phase, we partnered with the company B&A Research to send out an online survey in April to all solicitors and trainees, asking for your views and insights. We received 2,264 responses and some of the key takeaways were as follows:

  • 41% are optimistic about the future of the profession, with 29% less so.

  • 52% are expecting growth while almost one in three practitioners expect their work or area of practice to remain stable.

  • Technology in general was identified as both a challenge and an opportunity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data protection topped the list of potential growth areas to focus on, as well as hybrid working as an opportunity.

  • 91% identified cybercrime and 82% selected recruitment as the most challenging issues.

  • 78% of respondents described wellbeing and mental health as an ‘extremely challenging’ or ‘challenging’ issue.

  • Respondents also believe the Society is making a positive impact. But there are areas in which we can do more and improve.

For more on the survey results and the insights of the Law Society’s Director General, Mark Garrett, read the July Gazette’s Overview article.

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