Highway star: The Road Traffic Act 2016


There have been so many Road Traffic Acts over the past 55 years that this area of law is a mess, warns Robert Pierse in the March 2017 Gazette.

The Road Traffic Act explained

The main aim of the Road Traffic Act 2016 is to tackle the drug-driving problem. The act also addresses an agreement with Britain on the mutual recognition of driving disqualifications. Furthermore, it puts a new obligation on insurers to notify the minister about vehicles that have been written off, introduces a 20km/h speed limit, substantially amends the law as to fixed charges, regulates rickshaws and introduces a new liability on vehicle owners in relation to learner drivers.

Cutting through complexity

Robert Pierse is a solicitor with Pierse Fitzgibbon Solicitors. He is the author of Road Traffic Law: the 1961-2011 Road Traffic Acts, published by Bloomsbury Professional. The new edition will be published later this year.

Writing in the March Gazette, Pierse unpicks and explains key elements of the legislation, which is (at the time of writing) still to be commenced. He also argues that the complexity of the various Road Traffic Acts introduced over the past 55 years creates an urgent need for a consolidating act.

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