Update to the profession regarding Tailte Éireann

14/12/2023 14:56:27

The Conveyancing Committee is aware of a new Land Registry practice of rejecting applications without giving specific reasons.

The Committee shares the concern and frustration experienced by practitioners and is conscious of the risks that this practice poses to members of the public.

This change was introduced without prior consultation with or notice to the Law Society.

Members of the Committee, including the Chair, met with representatives from Tailte Eireann on Friday 8 December to discuss this matter. However, it has been made clear that the new practice will not be suspended pending further consultation, notwithstanding a request from the Committee to this effect.

The Law Society will continue to engage with Tailte Éireann in relation to this change and will issue further guidance as soon as possible.

In the interim, if practitioners are satisfied that a rejected application is in order it should be relodged promptly.

Please see Legal Office Notices - Tailte Éireann for notice of this update.