Update regarding Land Registry processes at Tailte Éireann

30/01/2024 13:31:00

The Conveyancing Committee has published further guidance following positive engagement with Tailte Éireann.

Following the Conveyancing Committee’s update of 14 December, the Conveyancing Committee is grateful to the many practitioners who have been in contact concerning the new Land Registry processes. The Conveyancing Committee advises that following consideration of the views of the Law Society, Tailte Éireann has agreed that it will now specify the “first rejectable error identified” on any application that is to be rejected, and so will reverse its earlier practice of rejecting applications with no reason given.

The Conveyancing Committee regards this as a positive step and wishes to advise practitioners that there will be further engagement with Tailte Eireann to express the views of the profession.

The Conveyancing Committee notes that Tailte Éireann has published new checklists at Application and Mapping Checklists - Tailte Éireann. Once again the Conveyancing Committee will seek to engage with Tailte Eireann regarding these checklists.

The Conveyancing Committee encourages practitioners to use the published checklists to assist in their practices, and to the extent that any matter on a checklist is considered incorrect or inappropriate then this should be raised with Tailte Éireann in the course of the relevant application. Practitioners are also requested to advise the committee of any issues that arise.

The Committee restates its reminder to practitioners that if they are satisfied that a rejected application is in order it should be relodged promptly.