Up your game with the in-depth Diploma in Sports Law


The Diploma Centre’s popular Diploma in Sports Law commences on Wednesday 19 October 2022.

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About the course

Covering governance and regulation, commercialisation of sport, anti-doping and much more, the Diploma in Sports Law provides participants with an insight into the dynamic area of sports law, both domestically and internationally. Modules will address the practical issues that practitioners from the smallest to the largest firms are called to advise on. The course begins with a review of regulation and governance of the sport sector and identifies and discusses the sporting governing bodies. It outlines how to set up a club and reviews the rules which need to be followed. The course also looks at club membership and the protection of both players and management. The issue of concussion and second impact syndrome has become very topical and we ask the question: how do clubs protect themselves and their players and members? Additionally, the area of child protection, which is key to ensuring that young people are safeguarded in their participation in sport, is examined.

The course also provides a detailed examination of the commercialisation of sport, including sponsorship agreements, broadcasting, ticketing, and merchandising. Key issues such as corruption in sport, violence, gambling, and gender in sport will be considered; followed by an in-depth look at the WADA anti-doping code.

2022/2023 modules

  • Module 1: Governance and regulation 
  • Module 2: Commercialisation of sport
  • Module 3: Membership
  • Module 4: Player rights
  • Module 5: Key issues in sport
  • Module 6: Anti-doping
  • Module 7: Disciplinary procedures

This course is suitable for members working in a sports law setting, or aspiring to do so,

professionals with an interest in sports law, and those working in national/international sports governing bodies.

For further information, visit www.lawsociety.ie/diplomacentre or contact the course leader, Riona Leahy at r.leahy@lawsociety.ie