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The Law Society’s expanded Psychological Service aims to support lawyers to reach their optimal potential through key services: LegalMind and Law School Counselling Services.

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Law School Trainees have been enthusiastically participating in free Time-Concentrated therapy as part of their legal professional training. This support is now extended across the legal life cycle where members can choose from counselling, coaching, financial and career advice, psychology and psychotherapy through the LegalMind service at a subsidised rate.

Supporting growth

You do not need to be in a crisis to attend counselling. Counselling can offer a space for personal and professional reflection. You can learn helpful tools and resources that contribute to emotional growth, improved interpersonal skills, increased self-awareness, and reflexivity. By learning to strengthen your communication skills, navigate your relationships, and improve your limiting beliefs, you are gaining vital leadership skills that can add to you and your firm’s competitive advantage.

To see how LegalMind can support you and your team:

  • freephone 1800 81 41 77,

  • register for the online portal or

  • download the Spectrum.Life app for live chat access and digital health information.

You can read more from the Law Society’s Psychological Service on the supports and services available to you in this month’s Gazette Magazine.

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