Simplification or modernisation of business supports

19/03/2024 11:14:51

The Taxation Committee invites feedback from solicitors on potential changes to business supports for SMEs.


The Revenue Taxation Committee has set up a subcommittee, of Main TALC (Tax Administration Liaison Committee) focusing on the simplification and modification of business supports for SMEs. The Law Society Taxation Committee may submit proposals and your comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

The sub-committee has been set up in circumstances where businesses have raised concern in connection to supports and reliefs offered to businesses, which has led to an underutilisation of these reliefs and supports (for example TBESS (Temporary Business Energy Support)). The main complaints are due to a lack of awareness and administrative hurdles/over complexity. The subcommittee will be administrative in nature and not policy making and reports back to main TALC. The sub-committee is to report back to Main TALC end of June. 

Your recommendations

Solicitors may have experience with the current arrangements for availing of these reliefs or supports through their advice to clients, or indeed through availing of same for their own business. If you have a comment or suggection on how the procedure for utilising these supports can be simplified or improved, please contact the Law Society Taxation Committee by Monday 27 May. Informed by this feedback from the profession.

Supports covered

A non-exhaustive List of the supports being considered in this initiative is set out below. This can be amended or added to during the process if required.

Start up

  • Start Up Relief for Entrepreneurs (SURE)

  • Key Employee Engagement Programme (KEEP)

  • Interest Relief

  • Loss Relief

  • Start-up Capital Incentive (SCI)

  • Start-up Relief 5486

  • Employment Investment Incentive (ElI)


  • Employment Investment incentive (ElI)

  • R&D Tax Credit

  • Transfer of a business to a company (Section 600)

  • Revised Entrepreneur Relief

  • Relief for investment in Innovative Enterprises (New Angel Investor


  • Accelerated Capital Allowances - energy efficiency

  • Section 291(A)

  • CGT share buyback relief


  • CGT Retirement Relief

  • CAT Retirement Relief

  • Section 291 (A)