Psychological Services - a catalyst for change

24/10/2023 12:49:18

Law Society Psychological Services will continue to facilitate and support cultural and organisational change through our bespoke avenues of support.


For World Mental Health Month, we have taken the service on the road holding workshops online and in person to start conversations to build high impact professionals and healthy legal workplaces.

A hybrid workshop was held with Arthur Cox In-house Counsel on stress management and solicitor wellbeing with over 240 lawyers attending online or in person. Similarly, at EY, lawyers and other professional service executives engaged in a workshop on creating high performing, self-aware practitioners. Our service also hosted a panel discussion with a diverse group of EY colleagues speaking to their own experience of mental health challenges.

On 25 October, Law Society Psychological Services will address the Annual Litigation Conference while this Thursday 26 October, we will participate in the International Legal Regulators Conference to explore the theme of adjusting the lens in regulation to meet the needs of different generations.

To end World Mental Health Month, Antoinette Moriarty, Head of Law Society Psychological Services and member of the IBA Professional Wellbeing Commission, will speak at the Annual IBA Conference in Paris on building law firms and legal workplaces that are ready for the future. 

Interested in future workshops?

We are designing a 2024 pilot programme for larger legal workplaces to support the growth of a high functioning profession and the enabling of systemic cultural and sustainable organisational change. The programme will be implemented through three key areas – psychological wellness, dignity and respect and building high impact professionals. If you would like to participate or learn more, please contact us.

High Impact Professional Courses

You can access CPD courses 1 and 2 of the High Impact Professional Series through the complimentary online LegalEd talks platform

Bystander intervention training for trainees

Have you ever been a witness to behaviour in the workplace that didn’t feel right but you weren’t sure what to do? Bystander Intervention training, now a core part of The Complete Lawyer course, equips PPC trainees with skills to recognise inappropriate behaviours in the workplace and how to safely intervene.

466 future solicitors received training this month from Law Society Psychological Services in partnership with University College Cork – a first for an Irish professional body.

Talk to someone – there's nothing too big or too small 

Law Society Psychological Services provide a range of supports, training, resources and services for the profession.

  • Contact the service at with your ideas, suggestions or to ask about any of our supports.

  • To speak to a mental health professional (for solicitors and post PPC trainees), contact the independent service LegalMind.

Support at every stage of the legal lifecycle

See useful resources to help yourself, help others, or foster a psychologically healthy workplace below:

For all services, see the newly updated Psychological Services online.