Let’s design the Elephant in the Room

23/04/2024 16:59:43

The Law Society provides supports and services to solicitors to support you in your career at every stage of the legal life cycle, including your psychological wellness. By partnering with Elephant in the Room, we aim to challenge mental health stigma and encourage open conversations in the workplace.

Start the conversation

This initiative involves placing a large elephant sculpture, decorated by a professional artist, in a prominent position in the Law Society buildings and highlights the power of art to inspire change and raise awareness. The elephant is a declaration of our commitment to creating an open culture in which no aspect of mental health is taboo - with the goal of improving mental health across the whole Law Society community. We need your help in designing your elephant!

Share one word that captures what helps you persevere through tough times and challenges in life. Your input will shape the artistic brief of our Elephant sculpture, representing the resilience of our big, wide Law Society community.

Submissions are completely anonymous.


Supporting mental health

Law Society Psychological Services is delighted to partner with the Elephant in the Room Movement, founded by Brent Pope, rugby pundit, sportsperson and media figure, of which Samaritans Ireland is their lead charity partner for 2024.